An Integrated CyberSecurity Solution for Organizations

Prevent, Detect and Tackle Cyber-security threats that may arise from vulnerabilities

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Our advanced infrastructure and globally certified team guarantee the best service with amazing features you can find in the cybersecurity market

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Endpoint Protection

Secure your enterprise network devices from various forms of malicious attacks

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Data Protection

Protect your organisation’s data from unauthorized access, loss, and deletion

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No Downtime

We keep you online and your service running 24/7

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Cloud Security

We value data and so save it to a secured cloud

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Customer Confidence Improvement

Let your clients go to bed with zero worries that their data are safe with you

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Zero Trust

We create and maintain a culture of strict confidentiality and no compromise

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Extended Threat Detection & Response

A system that detects and responds to cyber attacks in nanoseconds

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Update Service Access

Enjoy unlimited access to updates for performance and optimization

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AI Defense System

We protect your data asset using AI systems for zero vulnerability

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Scope of Services

Frequently asked questions

Learn more from our frequently asked questions

How can I get started?

All you need to do is click on Get Started and register to start enjoying the diverse services Lossless Security provides.

To what extent can Lossless Security help my organisation?

This security measure helps to provide your organisation with Endpoint Defense Systems, Fraud Detection and Data Transfer Encryption.

Can I return to the existing version before an attack?

Yes, it has the potential to prevent, detect and undo for known and unknown threats if you have installed Lossless security before the attack.

Are there any guarantees while using lossless security?

Lossless 360 Security guarantees all-around protection. It is common knowledge that no security is full proof, so it is important that you do not handle sensitive data carelessly.

Is there a support team to help me ?

There is a support team always on standby ready to help you through any of the processes and answer all your other questions .

How often does backup occur ?

Data is Backed up automatically.